Highland Park Elementary

2021 - 2022 Back to School Information

Welcome back!

On August 3-5 we are hosting 3 welcome events. These are targeted for newer to HP students and families or those that were remote/virtual all last school year.  

  • August 3 at 3:30- Read Aloud with Ms. Snell in library and tours. Sign up HERE
  • August 4 at 9:30- Playground with breakfast treats.  No sign up needed. 
  • August 5 at 4:00- Gym Games with Coach DeLine and tours.  Sign up HERE. 
  • August 13- Grade Level Welcome Zooms, times TBD
  • August 16- Rally Together Day (Meet Your Teacher) August 17- First day of school, daily hours 7:40- 3:10, and welcome coffee on the covered blacktop just after drop-off.
    • Come and go for Kinder- 2nd grades from 9:00- 9:45
    • Come and go for 3rd- 5th grades from 10:00- 10:45
Just Added: 
August 5th at 12:00pm 
HP Community Zoom with school and district updates. I will record the Zoom and share after the meeting.
Passcode: hp
School Supplies
For School supplies for grades Kinder -  5th, click the link below: 
-When will Living Tree be updated?
Living Tree is connected to AISD registration, which will be updated early in August. We are posting everything in 3 places until Living Tree is updated- Highland Park Facebook group, Living Tree, and this website. 

-What do we need to bring to school? 
Water bottle, snack, backpack with class specific materials, and masks are highly encouraged. 
-Do you have a map of the school?
Yes, but for security purposes we cannot share online, but we will have them posted on Rally Day. 
-What entrance do we use at Rally Day and every morning at drop-off? 
Kinder- uses the Kinder Gate
1st- 5th grades- use either the entry doors close to the circle drive/library or entry doors closest to the sidewalk at the end of our 4th grade hallway. 
-Do I need to order School Supplies or is there a list?
School supply orders were available through our PTA, but here is the list if you still need to buy them. *List is attached as a PDF. Featured above.  
-Is there a daily schedule?
Daily School Schedule
  • 7:25- 7:40- Morning Drop-off
  • 7:40- Welcome into classrooms, tardy bell rings, and school starts.
  • 3:05- Kinder dismissal, and dismissal for bus riders, daycare van rider, and after-school childcare students. 
  • 3:10- Dismissal to designated pickup locations by class and with teacher. 
*Specific class schedules will be shared by each teacher.

-What does the school menu look like?  Is it free this year?

  • Breakfast is served daily in the cafeteria from 7:15-7:35 a.m.  Students are welcome to eat in the Highland Park cafeteria.
  • Breakfast and lunch are available daily for free through federal funds during the Covid pandemic. 

Virtual Learning Application Available and Update on Welcome Events 

Dear Connected HP Community, 

#1- We are excited and ready to welcome all our students to campus to learn and connect! We want our kids to learn with us on campus! Most of our students are already registered for this fall semester starting on August 17, but we are always open to additional registrations. 

We will have a HP campus culture of health, safety, masking, learning, connecting, and joy! 

We understand and respect that some families and students really NEED virtual learning this fall semester. 

If needed, AISD has 2 possible virtual learning options for this fall semester. 

You MUST complete the required paperwork or application form to request a virtual learning option. 

Limited Virtual Learning Options

Virtual Learning Option 1- Homebound Services for Qualifying Students

  • The student is confined to the home or hospital for a minimum of 4 weeks. 

  • The student is confined due to medical reasons only.

  • The student’s medical condition is documented by a physician licensed to practice in the United States.

Virtual Learning Option 2- AISD Virtual School

  • This will be a temporary option available for students in kindergarten through sixth grade during the Fall 2021 semester (Aug. 17–Dec. 17, 2021) . 

  • Families must complete the virtual application by Thursday, Aug. 5, at 11:59 p.m.

  • Application does not guarantee acceptance. 

  • Support for the application process will be provided to families in the following ways: 

  1. The Parent Engagement Support Office team will be available at the Austin ISD Central Office (4000 S. I-H 35 Frontage Rd., Austin, TX 78704) 9 a.m.–6 p.m., Monday, Aug. 2– Thursday, Aug. 5. 
  2. Families may call the Parent Engagement Support Office helpline at 512-414-0726 for English or Spanish support with the application form beginning at 9 a.m. Aug. 2 and continuing through 6 p.m. Aug. 5.
  3. For more information, families may use our Let’s Talk communications platform by texting 512-886-6434 or visiting https://www.austinisd.org/letstalk, or families may call their school office.
  4. Families may call their home or neighborhood school office.

What to expect from the 2021 virtual learning option?

  • Students will engage in virtual learning via the BLEND platform and receive direct virtual teacher-led instruction. 

  • Students opting for virtual learning will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. 

  • Students will remain enrolled at their home campus and will be served by Austin ISD teachers and staff. Teachers providing virtual instruction will be solely dedicated to students learning virtually. 

  • Core student services will be provided through both live interaction and independent work.

    1. Examples of core student services: Academic instruction in math, reading/language arts, science and social studies, and necessary intervention services. 

  • A minimum commitment for the fall semester from families will be required. Students will be able to choose to return to in-person learning at the end of the second nine-week period (Dec. 17, 2021). 

  • Students participating in virtual learning will be welcomed back to their home schools on Jan. 4, 2022.

  • As an added support to our Austin community, we want to make this virtual option available for families not currently attending an Austin ISD school, if spots are available. All non-Austin ISD families submitting an application will automatically be placed on a waitlist and only contacted should a spot become available.

  • To learn more, see our FAQs.


Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I will share more at our Community Zoom on Thursday, August 5, at noon. 

Zoom Invite

Welcome Events on August 3-5

We opened 9 more slot for Gym Games on August 5 at 4:00. 

Lots of great events happening next week at HPE! On August 3-5 there will be 3 welcome events. These are targeted for newer to HP students and families or those that were remote/virtual all last school year.

August 3 at 3:30- Read Aloud with Ms. Snell in library and tours.

Sign up HERE--https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0B4AAAA82FAAFC1-august

August 4 at 9:30- Playground with breakfast treats. No sign up needed.

August 5 at 4:00- Gym Games with Coach DeLine and tours