Highland Park Elementary

Principal Summer Challenges

Summer Challenges from Principal Pena

  • I have created an easy recording sheet for all four challenges- reading, writing, math, and kindness. 

  • Students can decide to do one, any combo, or all challenges. 

  • The goal is for at least 15 minutes of daily practice in a subject area or 1 act of kindness. 

  • Recording sheets are due to me by August 31, 2020. 

  • Students will earn positive recognition and a special Scottie reward for each challenge completed. 

  • You can use the recording sheet I created or create your own, I am very flexible! 

  • Recording sheet is linked here as a Google Sheet and attached as a PDF for easy printing. 

  • To use the online Google Sheet- Go to File, Make a Copy, so that you have your own to manipulate. 

  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k6JWs7yM4q7rW3FX3xOvtCqsXi6cGN7igj7gKyp7lVM/edit?usp=sharing

 Kindness Challenge

I challenge all HP students to spread and encourage kindness by doing and recording at least 20 acts of kindness.  The relaxed schedules and extended days of summer offer the perfect time to focus on little lessons in compassion. Here is a link to lists of ideas, including service projects and creative, warm-weather kindness activities or you can simply write or type up your own ideas and activities.  


 Reading Challenge

I challenge all HP students to read for at least 15 minutes a day for 20 days.  

Students can read a variety of text- novels, picture books, newspapers, comics, graphic novels, whatever they are excited to read. Children can read independently, as a family, or with another caring person. 

 Math Challenge

To help your children maintain all of their hard-learned math knowledge, I am challenging them to 20 days of math practice.  The math practice must be at least 15 minutes a day, but can always be more. Families can decide on the best way to practice for their child, some ideas are math games, flash cards, workbooks, cooking, using cash, or websites.  

 Writing Challenge

Many families shared that getting your child to write while learning at home was tough, so here is an opportunity for extra practice. Students can journal, write lists, write to prompts, illustrate and write the captions, draw and write comics, write stories, or anything else that they need or want. Students can handwrite or type, whatever works best. 

 Resources to Support Challenges

All HP students still have access to their AISD Student Portal account.

We all now know how to login to a student AISD account, but here are the directions.

  • AISD Portal:  https://portal.austinisd.org

  • Username:  Your Student ID – the 8-digit number on your child’s report card; include the ‘S.’  example: S12345678

  • Password is always the first letter of your last name, capitalized, your child's birthday, and then a lowercase s, for example- P072407s

 AISD online resources in Student Portal to support summer challenges- 

  • Dreambox 

  • iXL

  • iStation

  • MackinVIA 

 Additional Resources 

Previously posted Google Classroom or kinder PDF lessons and activities.

Math Google Site by Erinn Windler

HP Special Areas Google Site

TEA Online and Printed Materials