Highland Park Elementary

Summer 2020 Announcements

Dear HP Community,

Please read the below information Summer 2020 Announcements.

Have a fun, safe, and healthy summer, and keep learning! Sincerely, Katie, Proud HP Principal

July 15-
Just shared from AISD-
The health and safety of our students and staff are at the forefront of all of our decisions. Even though the first day of school is August 18, we know that our teachers and staff need to report to school weeks before that date. Given our public health conditions in Travis County, Austin ISD will suspend in-person education and deliver virtual instruction for the first three weeks of the 2020-21 school year. We will continue to look to federal, state and local authorities for guidance and directives. Additional information is forthcoming.

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.,
July 14-

Dear HP Community, 

Hope you are finding ways to relax and enjoy your time. I was able to get away for a couple of days, it was wonderful. 

  • I am back today. 
  • Sara Gordon, bookkeeper and admin assistant, is back to work tomorrow (Wednesday).
  • Taylor Cowan, AP, is back next Monday (7/20).
  • CC Luna, registrar, and Lynn Tellechea, clerk, return next Thursday (7/23).
  • We all are mostly working from home. 
  • Alice, head custodian, and custodian crew are back at HP on Tuesday, 7/21.

Everything continues to change rapidly as the Covid numbers increase. 

Newest Plan- that will also probably change!

The plan is that every 9-weeks (report card cycle) families must pick either-- 

100% on-campus/face to face (F2F) learning everyday and with all F2F children. 


100% virtual learning 

The hybrid model has been removed, for now.

This means that all families who want kids on campus must come everyday and will be with all the other kids coming daily. We would still try to socially distance as much as possible, use PPE, and do health screenings, but on-campus kids would not be limited to 25%. Again, it would be that all F2F kids would come everyday, no matter how many kids this may be per classroom. This also means no rotating student groups, so no need for student groups/pods/cohorts. 

F2F kids and staff will still quickly pivot to online with Covid contact, positive, or symptoms.  This may mean that an individual student moves to a virtual teacher while they must be at home or the entire class, grade level, school, staff pivots to virtual/online, just depends on the Covid situation.  

100% virtual will still require daily attendance and grades. 

100% virtual for kinder-2nd grades will have a daily schedule with some synchronous (live) learning and some asynchronous (self-paced) learning. No synchronous time requirements for these grades. 

100% virtual for 3rd-5th grade families will decide if they want the synchronous daily schedule with 3 hours of required synchronous (live learning) and some asynchronous (self-paced) learning.


A completely asynchronous schedule, which is more self- paced with much less required synchronous learning time. 

**All grade level teachers will plan together and have aligned lessons, but will still need to adapt for student learning levels and needs.** 

Family Surveys

Another July survey is coming to families in the next couple weeks to get your feedback on this new specific choice. I will share that overall data when I get it. 

June Family Survey for HP

Families completed this in mid-late June, so these responses may change on the upcoming July survey. 

418 HP families completed the survey, no incoming kinder families have been surveyed yet. 

16% or 51 families do NOT plan to send kids to campus, so 100% virtual. 

36% or 151 families do plan to send kids to campus with many conditions met. 

49% or 204 families do plan to send kids to campus. 

I can break this down by grade level, but this will change on the July survey, so I will wait to share those more detailed survey results. 

Staff Plans

Staff are updating their employment plans based on these updated plans and Covid data. 


I will do anything to keep our kids, staff, and families healthy, safe, learning, and working. We have to stay healthy and safe and will work together as a strong and hopeful community to support our students and each other.

Always more to come. I will continue to regularly communicate on LT and our website and will schedule another Community Zoom once more is decided and known. 

Take care, 

Katie, Proud HP Principal

June 29-
Google Slides with updates on staffing and reopening. 
Password: 9C%e9&1+


June 22-

See "June 22 Summer Updates" PDF File Below