Highland Park Elementary

Session 2 June 13-17, 2022

Session 2: June 13-17, 2022

Camp:  Wild About Art 
Ages: Entering Grades 1-5 (Kinder if older sibling is attending)
Led By: David Nava (Art) and Lori Locken (Teacher Assistant)
Price:  $240

Wild about Art kids will have fun filled days creating independent and group Art projects using a wide variety of art media: painting, sewing, drawing, and clay!

18 maximum campers

Camp:  Music Mania 
Ages: Entering Grades 1-5 (Kinder if older sibling is attending)
Led By: Maria Satterwhite (Music) and Lee Lazarine (Resource Teacher)
Price:  $240

If you REALLY love all things music, then this is the camp for you! We will learn new songs, play music games, listen to all kinds of music, learn an instrument classification system, create our own instruments, and watch great musical performances. We will take two fun field trips to Playland Skate Center and Glow Bowling at the UT Underground.

18 maximum campers

Camp:  Recreation Destinations Goes Wild
Ages: Entering Grades 3-6
Led By: David Robenhorst (3rd Grade), Alyssa Absher (3rd Grade), Jill Neary (3rd Grade), Francesca Holbrook (3rd Grade) and Carolyn Bott (3rd Grade)
Price:  $280

Come out and join your friends for a week full of adventures, excitement, and fun! Monday through Thursday we will head out on fantastic field trips to places all over Austin like Altitude Trampoline Park, Main Event, Typhoon Texas, and Austin Parks! On Friday, we will end the week with inflatable obstacles courses and water slides. Get ready for a week full of summer FUN!

45 maximum campers

Camp:  Pup Camp: Out of this World
Ages: Entering K (must be independent in the restroom)
Led By: Erinn Windler (Math Intervention) and Megan Thomas (1st Grade)
Price:  $250

Incoming Scotties will fly out of this world each day of camp. Crafts and free centers and will be space-focused. We will also include plenty of active outside play. We may even have a special visitor to end our week together!

14 maximum campers

Camp:  Club Champion 
Ages: Entering Grades 3-5
Led By: Megan Gay (Resource Teacher), Harrison Gay (2nd Grade)
Price:  $250

Camp Champions is for students who enjoy a variety of sports and games. During the camp, campers are taught a variety of sports skills and techniques. This camp is great for beginning learners as well as experiences campers who are hoping to improve their game. Campers will also learn the importance of sportsmanship, playing with character, and being a part of a team.

22 maximum campers

Camp:  You Go Girl!
Ages: Girls Entering Grades 5-6
Led By: Sarah Robenhorst (Math Coach) and Lynn Tellechea (Office Clerk)
Price:  $280

An all girls camp for your active daughter. On campus and off campus field trips include activities such as: Zip-Lining, arts and crafts, IFLY, basketball camp, aerials and parkour, golf, yoga, and hip hop dance.

16 maximum campers

Camp:  Literacy Alive! 
Ages: Entering Grades K-1
Led By: Tamra Snell (Librarian) and Eva Brazle (1st Grade)
Price:  $230

Literacy comes to life for students in this week's session by reading, creating crafts, engaging with STEM activities, making & eating healthy snack foods, and pretend play.

20 maximum campers

Camp:  Scottie Detective Academy  
Ages: Entering Grades 2-6
Led By: Lauren Dean (SCORES Teacher) and Jodi Leach (Resource Teacher) and Dianna Morris (TA) and Ruth Ramirez (TA)
Price:  $280

Are you a curious student? If so - we need you for our team! We will be using our curiosity to debunk science myths as we participate in super exciting (sometimes messy!!) science experiments and (hopefully) science focused field trips. The opportunity to take field trips during our Scottie Camp is still pending because we are not sure if we will be able to use the district buses this summer. If not, no sweat! We will use the beautiful area around our school to plan engaging activities and scavenger hunts. Did you know that you can also be a Social Detective? We will also be learning about how to use our social skills to understand the emotions of other people! We can even use social detective skills to predict the behavior and actions of others. We will be using the Social Thinking curriculum that we use during social group instruction and engaging in fun activities, such as role playing and craft projects to extend our learning! If we are able to use district buses, we will be taking a field to the Austin Aquarium this week.


24 maximum campers

Camp Hogwarts 
Ages: Entering Grades 3-6
Led By: Kati Dean (5th Grade) and Lia Nudelman (2nd Grade)
Price:  $230

Do you love magic? Do you sometimes wish you were a wizard? Are you a fan of Harry Potter? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Camp Hogwarts is the camp for you! Campers will enjoy learning new charms, mixing magical potions, playing quidditch and much more! Campers will go on a field trips to Altitude and Blazer Tag (to practice flying maneuvers and defenses against the dark arts, of course). Sign up now to reserve your spot. We can't wait to see you at camp!


20 maximum campers