Highland Park Elementary

Our School

Blue Ribbon School: Yes
Date Built: 1952
Grades: K-5
Academy: No
After School Care: Yes
Mascot: Scottie
School Colors: Red, White and Black

School Goals

The school community will utilize technology to support the mission of Highland Park Elementary School. The school community will implement initiatives for improving school achievement designed to support the mission of Highland Park Elementary School.

Our Mission

The mission of Highland Park Elementary School is to provide opportunities that ensure each student achieves his or her greatest potential through support of these academic elements:

  • Success: the opportunity to succeed
  • Citizenship: responsible members of the American society and world community
  • Opportunity: the opportunity to learn and grow in a holistic atmosphere
  • Technology: a world-class technology system
  • Teamwork: a partnership of students, staff, parents, and community
  • Innovation: creative ideas to meet the needs of today's students
  • Excellence: mastery and achievement beyond basis curriculum
  • Solutions: problem solvers to prepare for the future